Brasero: The 10 Best Models In 2022

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Do you want to give style to your patio? Bring conviviality and warmth to enjoy long moments of outdoor life? The brazier will meet all your expectations, it is a versatile fireplace that decorates, heats and can even serve as a cooking point.

Wanting to help you make the right choice, we have gone through dozens of models, bearing in mind criteria such as robustness, aesthetics and practicality. The result is this list of the best models of braziers with a selection varied enough for everyone to find what they are looking for, for all budgets!

What is a Brazier?

The brazier as we know it today is an evolution of an ancestral model. Originally made of terracotta, it was used to heat homes using the hot embers it contained. From now on, the brazier is rather made of cast iron or metal, often on feet and it is used exclusively outdoors. This brazier is used as an element of decoration, heating and for certain models of cooking support. It can be used all year round to enjoy outdoor spaces, create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Blumfeldt GDI3-90500-Mhrs: Cast iron brazier on tripod with spark guard

With this cast iron brazier, you can enjoy the pleasure of a wood fire on your terrace to brighten up and warm up your evenings! Its diameter of 75 cm and its construction in height (60 cm) make it a very aesthetic element that will give a crazy cachet to your outdoor space.

A metal screen protects the fireplace to ensure everyone’s safety and a poker helps you easily handle the hot embers. You can use logs or pieces of charcoal, a hearth grid ideally supports them while letting the ashes fall to the bottom of the basin. The fire is thus easier to manage, the ashes do not fly away and maintenance is more practical.

A very interesting characteristic, the brazier does not just improve the atmosphere and raise the temperature… You can use it as a barbecue with its cooking plate ! Grill a few sausages or distribute skewers to the guests who can dig into the marshmallows at their leisure to grill them, American series style!

Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 24 cm, height 60 cm. Weight: 16 Kg.

We like

  • Very elegant
  • Large barbecue grill Fireproof
  • cover

We don’t like

  • The wall is quite thin.

Yaheetech YA-00099490: Hexagonal garden brazier with cover

This hexagonal fire pit looks great with its braces, its worked shape and its mesh cover which overhangs the wood fire. The combustion chamber is large enough to make a nice blaze and temper the surroundings. With this brazier, your evenings will never be the same again! No more unpleasant freshness, you can stay outdoors sipping cocktails and having fun with family or friends.

In addition to being aesthetic, this shape is optimal for increasing the heating effect of the flames and an even distribution of heat. The mesh walls offer a 360 degree view while naturally ensuring the ventilation of the fire. The matching lid holds the shards and prevents the ashes from blowing away due to the wind. This brazier is made of sturdy metal with a black coating. It is stable, durable and light so it moved. Assembly and installation are easy with illustrated instructions, a poker is supplied with for maintaining the fire.

Dimensions: 61 x 62 x 53.5 cm. Weight: 7.9 Kg.

We like

  • A shape that is as aesthetic as it is practical
  • Protective cover
  • Lightweight

We like less

  • No cooking grid.

Aufun AF-HAG8300A: Multifunction outdoor fireplace with cooking grills and protective cover

This iron brazier will quickly become the rallying point in the garden as its versatility makes it practical and pleasant. Square in shape, the deep hearth is perched on 4 feet and surrounded by a whole contour useful. The latter allows you to place a glass or a plate, in addition to maintaining a distance from the flames, perfect for avoiding burns to children and animals. The carbon grid supports the embers while the cover secures the assembly, preventing the lifting and exit of ashes and sparks. The construction is solid and stable, with heat resistant paint. The perimeter has a refined imitation stone finish.

In the middle of summer in the afternoon you can load the fireplace with ice to keep the drinks cold. In the evening, you will rather slip in a few logs of wood before lighting the fire and installing a cooking grill. Place the grills and place a few potatoes previously wrapped in aluminum foil on the fire and presto, satisfy all the guests in a jiffy, without leaving the terrace! Once cooled and cleaned quickly thanks to your ash vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is put on the waterproof protective cover provided to preserve your garden fireplace for a long time. A fire hook is also included to rekindle the fire without burning yourself.

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 52 cm. Weight: 12 Kg.

We like

  • Wide shape with perimeter
  • Versatile use all year round
  • Mesh lid
  • Cover and poker

We like less

  • Assembly is a bit long.

Fennek: Small portable and removable brazier

With this small portable brazier, you can perfect the atmosphere and warm up the atmosphere wherever you are! Designed in stainless steel Heat, this fireplace can be assembled and disassembled in by an extremely well thought-out interlocking game.

It then hosts your wood fire which will transmit a little heat and bring a soft glow. In your garden, on the beach, while camping, the fire is thus contained to enjoy its benefits in complete safety. If the ignition is simple, the extinction will be just as easy and you can quickly put the brazier away!

Dimensions: 59 x 50 x 18.5 cm. Weight: 3.0 Kg.

We like

  • Compact
  • Folding
  • Durable

We like less

  • No aesthetics, you can’t have everything…

Amazon Basics ‎AB-26-PR-FP: Inexpensive folding

brazier little comfort for the evenings too cool! This extremely ingenious brazier offers very good value for money while being very practical. The tank is mounted on folding legs, which facilitates storage and movement in good conditions, stored in its carrying bag. Protected from bad weather and well maintained, your garden fireplace will then last much longer. The assembly is also very simple sinceno tools are required, in just a few minutes the brazier is ready for use.

The assembly is made of painted steel with a spark arrester dome made of heat-resistant mesh. A handle ball-shaped poker provided. At the bottom of the tank is a log grate allowing good ventilation of the fire and therefore better combustion. Above, a second grid accommodates a few pieces of meat or vegetables if necessary. Smart, a hatch allows access to the embers without moving everything.

Dimensions: 66.8 x 66.8 x 41.9 cm. Weight: 5.35 Kg.

We like

  • Folding / assembly without tools
  • Ventilation and cooking
  • grill Lid, poker and carrying bag included

We like less

Made of metal, watch out for rust! Proper maintenance and protected storage are essential.

Köhko 41005-079: Self-assembly brazier

If you like campfires, you will soon be able to enjoy a nice blaze in this type of brazier. Available in different formats, with or without handles, with long or short legs or simply placed on the ground, the deep basin accommodates logs or charcoal.

Made of 2.8 cm thick alloy steel plate, this fire pit has anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection to resist durably. Its minimalism leaves the flames free while securing the base of the fire, it cannot spread and extinguishes quickly if necessary. You can use it to gain a few degrees at the edge of the terrace, create a friendly atmosphere, decorate or grill food on the end of skewers.

Dimensions: 88 x 82 x 24 cm. Weight: 11 Kg.

We like

  • A simple basin for a sleek style
  • Resistant steel
  • Different models to choose from

We like less

  • No accessories or protection.

Blumfeldt GQ15 Delion: Brazier on feet with hanging grill

Here we find a multifunction fireplace that will delight the chilly and gourmets alike! Mounted on 3 high legs of 77 cm, you will be at the right height to light a wood fire not far from your table of guests. The calorific gain is not long in coming and the atmosphere is already becoming warmer, where a slightly cool climate would have jeopardized the evening!

When the time is right, all you have to do is use the crank to lower the cooking grid and start grilling. At any time, you can adjust the height to cook slowly and keep warm. All the flavors are preserved and a rim prevents food from sliding into the embers. A board accommodates your dish and a few hooks for your utensils, in short everything a real barbecue chef needs!

This brazier even has an ash box so that the fire does not suffocate and to simplify the emptying and cleaning of the hearth. Made of 1.55 cm sheet steel, it is not afraid of high temperatures and you can completely detach the stem when you are not planning to cook.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 20 cm. Weight: 2.3 Kg.

We like

  • High tripod
  • Very practical suspended cooking point
  • Ash box

We like less

  • Some adjustments may be necessary during assembly so that the arrow is well centered.

Alpha Stoke: Steel industrial fire barrel brazier

If you like the authentic style and the charm of raw material, you will undoubtedly like this cylindrical garden hearth. It is designed fromcorten steel andstainless steel to withstand your wood fires for a long time. Ready to use, all you have to do is load it into logs to quickly enjoy the comforting heat of the flames. All around, ventilation holes ventilate the fire so that it remains valiant and effective! The effect is guaranteed, both by the calorific contribution and by the visual.

Here you do not risk any splinters, the fire is perfectly contained and the lid quickly smother it to put an end to the use of the brazier. This fireplace seems from another era with its rusty finish, at least you won’t be tracking down the slightest point of corrosion!

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 60 cm (also available in 50 x 50 x 45 cm). Weight: 11 Kg.

We love

  • A retro industrial look
  • For large, well-contained fires!
  • Easy to install and use

We like less

  • A simple barrel that will become extremely hot all around…

Blumfeldt ‎GDW40-9200-sdfd Arizona Rust: Ethanol brazier, rust effect tower Clever

mix between the traditional brazier and the ethanol fireplace modernthis fireplace in the form of a tower will bring character to your outdoor spaces. The flame offers all its beauty and diffuses its heat at the right height, protected by a tempered glass surround. This makes this garden fire pit much less dangerous than the low and open models, more suitable in the presence of children and pets.

Here there is no need for logs, wood or tools to maintain the fire. Simply fill the 0.60 liter burner with ethanol and light! A gentle warmth emanates from it as well as a dancing light with authentic charm. Fire also has the advantage of keeping insects at a safe distance. Useful and decorative all year round, the rusty finish of this outdoor fireplace fits very well into an industrial style.

Dimensions: 20 x 129 x 20 cm. Weight: 28 Kg.

We like

  • saving tower format
  • Ethanol = no maintenance
  • Very contemporary rusty effect

We like less

  • Especially decorative, the heat release is much lower than a classic brazier. No cooking possible.

Maxx Garden: Brazier in lightweight concrete

What if you opted for the solidity of concrete? It is also at the heart of trends in recent years, so that’s all you need for a garden at the top of design! This square brazier combines a black-tinted concrete speckled with white with an ash catcher and a spark guard made of 8 mm thick steel sheet. Durability is there, resistant to intense heat and bad weather. This specific concrete is light, so you can move your garden fireplace as easily as a steel model, with the large side handles provided for this purpose.

The whole top is covered with a grid on which you can do all your cooking during your summer evenings. Thanks to this brazier, the garden truly becomes a comfortable and convivial living space, even when the temperatures drop. Loaded with logs or charcoal, you will quickly obtain beautiful, warm flames in optimal safety.

Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 30 cm. Weight: 13 Kg.

We like

  • Very design
  • Fire perfectly contained
  • Poker provided

We like less

  • We only find advantages!


How to choose the right brazier?

The brazier can be used for multiple purposes and you must first have a precise opinion on this question. Is it simply a question of brightening up and illuminating exteriors, of heating but also of being able to use it for cooking food? Your need naturally refines the selection of braziers, however there will remain some common and important criteria.

The type of brazier: style, size and shape

The garden fireplace comes in a plethora of formats, more or less open, more or less imposing. Observe the space available in your garden, the brazier is a potentially dangerous hot spot, sufficient space all around is essential to ensure the safety of people and property, the risk of burns and fire is never far away! Depending on the decoration of your terrace and the appearance of your outdoor furniture, it is also wise tomatch the brazier : rather minimalist, classic, worked or modern… Rounded or angular, on feet or on the ground, the models abound. You will commonly find different types of braziers:

  • The basin brazier : its variable diameter should be proportional to the number of guests if it occupies a central position, like a round table. This model can be on feet, more or less high or placed on the ground.
  • The brazier design with lid : it is a fireplace that is both very aesthetic and particularly safe. Globe, lantern, pyramid, round, square or hexagonal, its structure is worked with a spark arrester mesh and generally a log holder grid for an optimal contained fire. This more cumbersome model most often allows you to grill on top with a grid provided for it.
  • The basket brazier : very open, this brazier offers a breathtaking view of the fire as a whole with excellent ventilation. Beware, however, of ash fallout all around!
  • The Mexican brazier : it is closer to an fireplace outdoorIt is a very closed fireplace in the shape of a terracotta or cast iron jar. It is perfect for heating the terrace and some models can be used as an oven.
  • The brazier grill : this is a versatile fireplace that offers all the practical elements of a barbecue while being able to serve simply as a point of heat and light. Ideal if you have little space, to do everything in one place.
  • The folding / portable brazier : this small brazier can be transported wherever you want to settle everywhere according to your needs. It is a naturally more basic and compact format. It has the advantage of being able to leave the garden to accompany you on weekends or on vacation. It is also a less expensive outdoor fireplace because the fact that it can be stored away allows the use of slightly less qualitative and therefore less expensive materials.

The design material of the outdoor fireplace

The choice of material for your brazier is of a certain importance because you are aware that certain materials will resist better than others outside. The quality of the finishes, painted, with or without anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection, unfinished… all of this influences the durability and appearance of your brazier. If you live in a particularly humid region and you can’t get your fireplace inside, be careful about choosing a sturdy and durable material. The properties of the material can also be an asset if you are looking for calorific gain.

  • Cast iron : it is a robust material which has the advantage of offering very good thermal inertia. Cast iron stores heat and continues to diffuse it for a long time, even after the fire has gone out, in the same way as an inertia radiator ! It also resists perfectly to high temperatures but it is at the cost of a substantial weight, forget the regular trips!
  • :Steel always prefer stainless steel which is much more resistant to corrosion. The metal can be worked in multiple shapes and cuts which gives rise to very aesthetic braziers. It resists heat well but does not retain it. Whatever the type of steel, it is here its fineness that must be observed because the structure risks deforming easily. The steel remains light overall, so you can transport and change the location of your hearth as you wish.
  • the Terracotta or concrete terracotta brazier is now rare because it is fragile, light concrete which is very fashionable has replaced it, shaping modern and robust hearths. The advantage is that the perimeter is less hot than with steel and the material stores heat.

The accessories supplied with the brazier or the practical arrangements

Depending on the brazier model, you will not have the same accessories. Sometimes they are provided with the purchase and sometimes not, whereas they can prove to be essential!

Just as you have an fireplace handy poker to keep the fire going. This is often included with the purchase of a brazier, a glove and a bellows for the fire could also be useful to you. Braziers with a lid Fire screens are safer because the fine mesh prevents splinters, sparks and flying ashes. It also serves as a rampart to prevent direct access to flames or incandescent embers.

Finally, it is essential to protect your brazier as well as possible, especially if it remains outside all year round. If a cover is not sold with your model, immediately plan to buy a compatible, solid and waterproof ! Depending on the type of brazier, you could find in the design an ash tank, a useful shelf or even a wood storage. All this is very practical when it comes to a fixed brazier and a fortiori when it also serves as a barbecue.


How Does The Brazier Work?

The operation of a brazier is very simple, you just need to use the bowl shape to accommodate a wood fire, as you would in a barbecue or a fireplace. You can place logs, logs or charcoal. Then, this fire serves as an auxiliary heater for the exterior, an aesthetic dim light and a cooking point like any outdoor wood fire!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a brazier?

As we have mentioned, the brazier has the advantage of bringing together in a single element the aesthetic aspect, the means of heating and cooking outside. The wood fire always brings a certain charm and a conviviality incomparable

Its main drawback remains its potential danger which does not make it suitable for families with children and animals. You will also need to provide fuel and ensure the maintenance of your fireplace as for a barbecue. If you are just looking for an extra heater for the garden, the patio heater might be more practical.

Which Wood Logs To Use For Your Brazier?

are Beech and hornbeam woods particularly recommended for braziers because they burn without creating too many splinters or dangerous sparks.

What Fuel For The Brazier?

A classic brazier works with wood logs or charcoal.

– The logs recreate the real traditional fire with its pretty flames but also its smoke. It is more difficult to master to consider direct cooking, except on skewers.

– Charcoal will require less attention, it burns slowly producing a lot of heat. It is also perfect for cooking. On the other hand, its ignition is more tedious and coal produces more dust.

There are also decorative braziers that run onethanol. Here there is no maintenance or ignition difficulty, however the calorific value is lower and the cost of ecological fuel is high.

How To Use A Brazier Safely?

The brazier can be dangerous, it is undeniable and it will be necessary to redouble vigilance with children or animals. Beyond that, it’s important toset it up on level, non-flammable ground. Your brazier must be perfectly stable ! Be careful that nothing can ignite around it or deteriorate on contact with the high heat. Never leave a lit fireplace unattended and make sure it is completely extinguished before you leave!

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