Deodorant: Comparison Of The Best Models In 2022

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Deodorant is the most effective way to fight perspiration and reduce unwanted feelings of humidity. It also helps to neutralize odors by bringing you a feeling of freshness throughout the day. However, each type of skin requires different active ingredients and daily hydration. For this, there are many models and compositions of deodorant for all needs. So which one to choose? Here are our favorites and tips for getting the deodorant that’s right for you.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: Consumers’ favorite product

Among the wide selection of Schmidt’s deodorants, this one is considered the most effective. Its formula includes regenerating and calming bergamot and purifying lime. These ingredients provide a light fragrance and a feeling of freshness all day long. Although this deodorant is natural, it does not lose its effectiveness and neutralizes unwanted odors. These fragrances are of natural origin and this product has an entirely vegan and cruelty-free. It does not contain alcohol or aluminum salts. To use it, simply place the stick against your skin for a few moments to melt the material. Then, apply a small amount under the armpits on clean, dry skin.

It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of it, it will reduce its antiperspirant effect. This product is not recommended for sensitive and damaged skin, although it is dermatologically tested. This deodorant contains baking soda, a natural solution to fight against odors. It also contains anti-bacterial coconut oil and moisturizing jojoba oil. Also, its formula includes arrowroot which allows total absorption of moisture. It allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle in everyday life, especially in the bathroom. Schmidt’s advocates a skincare and cosmetics routine that respects your skin and its needs, with as few processed ingredients as possible.

Le Petit Marseillais Extra Doux: The low-cost

deodorant This deodorant comes in packs of two, so it is ideal for small budgets. This product has a scent of vanilla milk, greedy and sweet. It comes in ballpoint format, convenient to carry in your bag. Also, the roll-on system picks up the right amount of product and evenly distributes it over the desired area. This perfume lasts well on the skin all day long, it can be overwhelming for people who can’t stand a lot of smells. This deodorant is invisible, no yellow or white traces. It does not contain aluminum salts or alcohol, which are supposed to irritate the skin.

This deodorant promises 24-hour effectiveness, both in the hold of the perfume and in the absorption of humidity. We do not recommend applying it on damaged or recently shaved skin, you may feel a slight burning sensation. We recommend this deodorant if you’re looking for a product that neutralizes sweat odor at its source and provides all-day comfort. However, it is not ideal if the strong artificial smells bother you.

L’Oréal Men Expert Carbon Protect: The deodorant for maximum protection

This L’Oréal is a 200 ml aerosol of product that promises five actions in a single gesture. Indeed, it guarantees the elimination of odors, humidity, bacteria and yellow and white marksfor 48 hours. Its carbon formulation promises a purifying and anti-bacterial effect that prevents the birth of an unwanted odor instead of simply covering it up. This product has an “ice fresh” scent, which could be compared to icy mint for an instant feeling of freshness. It presents itself as specialized for men but the deodorant is actually unisex, this classification is based on the more or less strong perfumes. This deodorant is ultra-absorbent and promises maximum comfort without having to apply it during the day.

It is dermatologically tested and does not contain alcohol, so the risk of irritation is minimized. The main drawback of this deodorant is its aerosol format, which is more dangerous and more polluting to use. Also, it is not the ideal format to carry in your bag or to travel. To use, shake well beforehand and spray 15cm from armpits. Let dry and get dressed. This product is part of a range that also includes a shower gel and a treatment. We recommend it if you sweat a lot but not enough to consider medical treatment, it is the perfect intermediary.

Exiatil antiperspirant: Ideal against profuse sweating

This deodorant is an antiperspirant, stronger than the others because it is reserved for people with a real sweating problem. It neutralizes the glands that secrete sweat to minimize any odor or dampness production. Instead of covering up the smell of perspiration, it will prevent the body from producing it. However, it does not block the body from sweating or creating pheromones. It acts as a treatment to be used first every day, then 2/3 times a week. If you stop using it, you will have to repeat the process from the beginning, so apply it every day.

It does not contain parabens or perfume but leaves a fresh smell after use. This deodorant is a roll-on format that contains 15 ml, which is quite a small amount. To use it, simply apply before going to bed on clean, dry skin. In the morning, rinse your armpits with clean water and soap to remove any residue. As time goes by, space out the applications because your body will produce less and less sweat. We do not recommend its use on children and damaged or irritated skin. However, it is suitable for sensitive skin. This product is not a normal deodorant, its use must be justified and controlled.

Rexona Maximum Protection: The deodorant that combines business with pleasure

This stick deodorant has a creamy texture that is easy to spread evenly over the entire armpit. It promises long-lasting protection and fragrance, no need for touch-ups during the day. To optimize its action, you can apply morning and evening. This product contains moisturizing agents that leave your skin feeling healthy. Its TriSolid formula resists exertion, sleep and showering. After 24 hours of use, this deodorant promises to eliminate 70% of the undesirable effects of perspiration. This product works whether you sweat lightly or excessively, it adapts to your skin’s needs.

It encapsulates bad odors and provides a fresh and pleasant fragrance for 48 hours. This deodorant is equipped with MotionSense technology, it fits your armpit and acts according to your movements avoiding any production of odor or humidity. To use it, just turn the dial until you hear two clicks and apply it all over your armpit. Be careful, this product may make light white marks on your dark clothes, be sure to apply the right dose. We recommend this deodorant if you are looking for a good barrier against perspiration and your skin is healthy to avoid any irritation.

Lola Nature Alum Stone: The natural deodorant that takes care of your skin

This 100% natural deodorant is made from an alum stone that has been used for a long time to fight against perspiration. It is free of alcohol, fragrance and parabens to leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Alum stone absorbs bacteria and impurities responsible for bad smells. To use it, the stone must be in contact with water. You can apply it out of the shower on wet skin or directly moisten the stone. You can also apply it to your feet and hands if you sweat a lot.

The alum stone leaves a thin protective layer but does not stain your clothes. It tightens pores and firms the skin. This deodorant is reserved for light perspiration, it may not be enough for excessive perspiration. It is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. This deodorant can last you a year, it is an economical purchase in addition to being ecological.

Greendoor Deo Creme: The ecological solid

deodorant This deodorant comes in the form of a paste in a pot. It is certified cruelty-free by PETA, vegan and its ingredients are organic and natural. To use, take a small amount of product with your finger and melt it in the palm of your hand. Then, massage the product into your clean armpit using circular motions. Be careful not to put too much, an overdose reduces the absorbing effects of this deodorant and clogs the pores of your skin.

This product contains babassu oil with anti-bacterial properties. From two uses, you will notice a clear reduction in humidity and odors of perspiration. It also contains shea and cocoa butter to hydrate your skin while letting it breathe. However, only apply this product because another deodorant will cancel its effects. We recommend this deodorant if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a product for light perspiration, with a pleasant natural smell and all-day comfort.

How to Choose Your Deodorant?


There are many kinds of deodorant, in all textures and shapes. An aerosol is convenient to use but is bulky and environmentally unfriendly. They can also be drying due to their chemical composition. A roll-on or stick deodorant allows you to apply the right amount of product and distribute it evenly everywhere.


The armpits also deserve to be hydrated, choose a deodorant based on butter or oil. However, the texture should not be too thick because it could clog the pores of your skin. Also, take care of the scent of your deodorant, it must be pleasant enough to last all day but not too strong to become boring.

Duration of action

If you perspire slightly, a 24-hour deodorant is more than enough. The 48h and 72h products are generally reserved for people with a real problem of excessive sweating. For this, do not hesitate to apply morning and evening to curb the production of bad odors and humidity.

Deodorant Or Anti-Perspirant?

Deodorant only neutralizes or covers body odor and absorbs perspiration. This is not a long-term treatment but a way to hide sweating. An antiperspirant is a process that aims to eliminate excess sweating through long-term use. It will mainly block the action of the sweat glands, the origin of odors and humidity.

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