Hamburger Press: The 5 Best Models In 2022

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The hamburger is one of the most famous dishes that exist. Adored by countless people, it has a friendly side and a taste that almost everyone appreciates. If the hamburger is quick to cook, cooking the meat is quite delicate. Indeed, when you want to succeed, you must have the right technique.

In case you’re not a chef, trying to flip your burger may cause it to splinter into several pieces. So if you want to cook your meat while ensuring that it stays firm and in a single block, your best bet is to use a hamburger press. This kitchen utensil is an almost indispensable tool when you want to successfully prepare your dish. However, you should not overlook the fact that several models of hamburger presses are available in the market.

In order to help you see things more clearly when it comes to hamburger presses, our team of experts have come together and set themselves the goal of examining all the models that are present on the market. After several weeks of testing, our specialists have finally given their verdict by presenting the ranking of the 5 best hamburger press models.

Miiko Stuffed Burger Press – the entry level

MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press

In case preparing burgers is not a piece of cake for you, here is a piece of equipment that will change your mind. Indeed, with the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press, you will make this dish to perfection. This hamburger press is considered the ultimate utensil for your kitchen. Very versatile, the equipment will allow you to make three different types of burgers with the toppings or stuffings of your choice. From then on, you can give free rein to your imagination to create dishes as delicious as each other.

Another particularity of this press is that it will allow you to make burgers of different shapes according to your desires of the moment. The equipment that comes with twenty sheets of wax paper will prevent your meat from sticking to the bottom of the press or the equipment getting dirty after prolonged use.

Made of very resistant plastic, this press is of good quality. Moreover, as soon as you have it in hand, you will realize how heavy it is. Note that once you’ve made your burgers, you won’t have trouble cleaning the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press, as it can be placed in the dishwasher. And if you want to innovate every time you decide to cook burgers, you should know that your press comes with a cookbook. This one includes twenty burger recipes that are simply delicious.

We like

  • Press quite versatile
  • 20 Free baking papers Free
  • electronic cookbook

We don’t like

  • Designed in plastic

Grillaholics burger press – the best value


If you have a thing for barbecues, then the Grillaholics stuffed burger press is a must. gear you’ll love. Designed to suit amateurs and professionals alike, this press will allow you to prepare the tastiest burgers you have ever eaten. Made of metal and very resistant plastic, the press does not represent any danger for you or for your family, because it does not contain BPA. In addition, it is important to specify that you will have no trouble using it for years.

Quite versatile, the Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press will be perfect if you want to whip up classic burgers or stuffed patties in no time. Therefore, if you are a little hungry and want to make yourself a good hamburger, you will get there in two steps and three movements.

If the Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press is very efficient, you should know that you will also have no trouble cleaning it. This press is a product that is intended for everyone. So whether you are a starred chef or a simple hamburger lover, you will have a lot of fun using it. Perfect as a gift, this burger press will change the way you cook your burgers, as it comes with a recipe book as well as grilling accessories.

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We like

  • Presence of a guarantee
  • Recipe book offered
  • Presence of accessories for grilling

We like less

  • Made of plastic

Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press – the most versatile

Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press

The Cuisinart brand is one of the best known in terms of the manufacture of kitchen utensils. If it has a reputation for offering quality products to its customers, this is still the case with the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press. This burger press is the absolute must-have item if you can afford it. Indeed, thanks to this utensil you will be able to make hamburgers that are simply perfect.

Offering three distinct functions, the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press can be used to prepare regular burgers, sliders or even stuffed burgers. Made with non-stick material, you’ll have no trouble cleaning your gear. Note that you can also put it in the dishwasher once you’re done using it. Another particularity of this utensil is that it allows you to stuff your meat.

For this, you have the option of loading three ounces of meat into the press and using the settings of the equipment to leave a very specific imprint on the top. The hole thus created can be filled with your favorite stuffing. When you’re done stuffing your meat, all you have to do is add another three ounces of meat on top and press it all down. If the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press is one piece of equipment that stands out from the rest, it’s because it’s easy to use and is designed to last for a very long time.

We like

  • Allows you to make standard or stuffed burgers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • stick coating

We don’t like

  • The price

Weston Burger Express Burger Press – the favorite

Weston Burger Express Burger Press

The Weston Burger Express Burger Press is a hamburger press that you will greatly appreciate. It is true that different types of hamburger presses are available on the market, but this one stands out for its very original design and its easy use. Designed to help you press your ground meat as it should, the equipment will allow you to make really tasty burgers. One of the strengths of this press is that it is very versatile.

Indeed, you can use it no matter what type of meat you prefer. In other words, it will be equally effective for making game steaks, beef, turkey, etc. Note that with this same equipment you can also make excellent crab cakes, stuffed hamburgers or even sausage patties. If you’ve had trouble cooking your burgers for a long time because they tended to fall apart, your problem will be solved by opting for this press.

The Weston Burger Express Burger Press is designed with food grade aluminum. This very resistant material is also naturally non-stick. Therefore, after using it, you will have no trouble cleaning it. One of the most sought-after models, this press is appreciated for its ease of use. Indeed, it is equipped with a spring button that will allow you to press your meat well or to remove it more easily.

Note that when you opt for the Weston Burger Express Burger Press, you get a bonus of 500 sheets of patty paper to help you separate your patties or prevent your equipment from getting dirty. You probably don’t know it, but the Weston brand has specialized in the manufacture of kitchen utensils for a very long time. If you opt for this product, you will be entitled to equipment that is well built and durable.

We like

  • Made of aluminum
  • Presence of a spring button
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

We don’t like

  • The price

Bellemain Adjustable Burger Press – the top of the range

Bellemain Adjustable Burger Press

If you are a burger lover, you may know the Bellemain brand, because it is ci specializes in kitchen utensils. By designing its hamburger press, Bellemain offers a quality product that is easy to use. Indeed, the Bellemain Adjustable Burger Press was made by engineers who were instructed to manufacture equipment that will be perfect for hamburger lovers. With a very resistant aluminum casing, this press also has a non-stick coating that will allow you to remove your cake without the slightest difficulty.

While the Bellemain Adjustable Burger Press was developed by experts in the field, it is important to point out that it has undergone fairly rigorous testing to ensure that it is durable. Very versatile, the utensil will allow you to make much more than hamburgers. By using it, it will be possible to prepare crab cakes, vegetarian burgers, sausage patties, etc.

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Thanks to this press, you will become a real expert in preparing burgers. Note that the utensil has a spring-loaded button that will make removing your patties even easier. Added to this is an adjustment of the thickness of each pancake.

We like

  • Very large diameter
  • Presence of a spring button
  • stick coating

We like less

  • The price

How To Choose A Hamburger Press?

The hamburger press is a kitchen utensil that is very useful when you want to make certain preparations, especially cooking hamburgers. By using it, you will be entitled to a very compact meat and above all cooked evenly. However, buying a hamburger press should not be done randomly. To be sure that you will be satisfied with the article you have acquired, here are the elements on which you must pay your attention.

The size of the hamburger press

The weight, the thickness or even the diameter of your meat will depend essentially on the size of your press. Typically, burger presses come in the 3-in-1 shape, which is the most classic shape for burgers. If you are looking for equipment that has a specific size, take care to check its diameter. It’s true that the size of your burger press has no impact on the doneness of the meat. However, she will have one on the aesthetics of your dish once you finish cooking it.

The material

The material from which your hamburger press is made is also important. As you can imagine, there is a very wide variety of materials. For example, you have the choice between aluminium, non-stick plastic or stainless steel. However, if you can afford it, opt for stainless steel, because a kitchen utensil that has received raw meat and has been improperly washed can give off strong odors. However, if you opt for another material, take care to wash your press thoroughly after each use.

The number of patties

In case you didn’t know, there are presses that are capable of making several patties at the same time. This type of equipment will come in handy if you need to prepare several burgers at once. If you have a snack, for example, starting with this kind of utensil is the best you can do, because you will save considerable time.

The thickness of the hamburger

Some hamburger lovers want their meal to meet very specific criteria. Therefore, if their burger must be between 10 and 15 cm, they want the cheese, the salad or even their meat to have an identical thickness. In case you are one of them, the criterion of thickness is important. In this case, be sure to acquire a press whose container is high enough to be able to determine the ideal thickness for your preparation.

The type of burger

In general, hamburger presses are capable of making different types of patties. However, some offer you the possibility of preparing stuffed burgers much more easily. If you plan to introduce different types of hamburgers to your friends or family, it is best to orient yourself towards equipment that is designed for this type of preparation.

Design and comfort of use

The design of your hamburger press is also important. Indeed, if you have a weakness for objects that are aesthetic, do not hesitate to take the design criterion into account. In terms of ease of use, you should know that there are presses that can be put on the grill while others will only be used for making your patties. Either way, it’s best to get equipment that’s easy to use, comfortable, and won’t give you hand cramps.


The lifespan of your press is a determining factor when you are used to cooking hamburgers. If you make one or two patties every 6 months, your press is unlikely to wear out. However, if you’re having a barbecue every weekend, making sure your press is sturdy and durable is important. In general, aluminum presses offer the longest life.   

The warranty

For many people, the warranty is an element that is not very important when they want to buy a hamburger press, but in reality, it is a mistake. Indeed, regardless of the price of your item, its manufacturer must be able to offer you an excellent guarantee. Today, the best hamburger press brands offer a lifetime warranty, as the equipment will only be used by you to press ground meat.

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The price

The price is a criterion that you cannot ignore when you want to acquire a hamburger press. In terms of the press, the prices are diverse and varied. You will have the choice among models which start from 10 euros. At the same time, you can find presses that cost more than 50 euros. However, you can be sure that these will be of truly impeccable quality.

How To Use A Hamburger Press?

While the hamburger press is fairly easy to use, there are a few tricks that will help you get better results.

  1. Prepare your minced meat by seasoning it and putting it in the fridge. This will allow him to train well and be easier to work with.
  2. When your meat is cold, create small balls that will have the shape of your final steak.
  3. Place the patties in your burger press and start squeezing them very gently with the lid on.
  4. Once your steaks have taken the shape of the press, place them in a dish or put them directly in the pan.

Many presses today come with instructions or tips. If this is the case for your model, do not hesitate to consult them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hamburger Press?

Les avantages de votre Presse à hamburger

The hamburger press is a piece of equipment that you will find difficult to do without if you are a fan of this dish. However, if the article has become so popular, it is largely because of the benefits it offers you. Indeed, thanks to a press, you can for example:

  • Squeeze meat quickly and easily;
  • Make uniform pancakes;
  • Better preserve your meat when it is in the refrigerator;
  • Offer even cooking to your burgers;
  • Save time when preparing your meat.

A final significant advantage of hamburger presses is that the equipment will allow you to remove the excess fat that is present in certain meats in order to protect your health.

How To Choose A Hamburger Press?

The hamburger press is a kitchen utensil that is very useful when you want to make certain preparations, especially cooking hamburgers. By using it, you will be entitled to a very compact meat and above all cooked evenly. However, buying a hamburger press should not be done randomly. To be sure that you will be satisfied with the article you have acquired, here are the elements on which you must pay your attention.

How Does A Hamburger Press Work?

The hamburger press is a kitchen utensil that is generally made up of several discs. These have the possibility of being stacked in order to form a chamber in which the meat will be trapped. Once your meat is in the press, all you have to do is put the lid on it. The pressure you exert by pressing on the lid will compress the meat and turn it into a patty. It will then be ready to be cooked.

How To Store Your Hamburger Press?

Maintaining a hamburger press is very simple. Indeed, the equipment has quite small dimensions, which allows you to store it wherever you want. However, take care to place your burger press in a cool, dry place to ensure that it does not deteriorate over time.

How To Prevent Your Hamburger Press From Sticking?

If you’re worried about your patty sticking to the bottom of your burger press, you can simply opt for a model with a non-stick coating. And if this is not the case, the use of parchment paper is also possible. It will act as a protective shield and prevent the meat from sticking together.

As one of the most effective tools when you want to prepare hamburgers, the hamburger press is a utensil that you will not regret having purchased. By taking into account the various criteria that have been set out, you will have no trouble finding the article that will delight you.

Whether you opt for the Weston Burger Press model, the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press or the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press, you will be able to prepare delicious burgers for you, your family or your friends. Despite their specificities, these different presses are practical and above all simple to use. Thanks to them, your hamburgers will be juicy and very tasty.

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