Parasol heater: the 12 best models of 2022

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You love spending time on the terrace as soon as the sun shines, but except in the middle of summer, the evenings are too cool to stay outside. This is the case for many people, especially if you live in the mountains or far from the mild Mediterranean regions. Even there, it would be possible to live a little more outside if the thermometer allowed it! For everyone, wherever you are, tell yourself that it is not inevitable, the heating parasol can ideally take over from the sun to allow you to enjoy the outdoors with family, friends and even both!

We have analyzed the characteristics of a large number of models with different energies, powers, shapes and styles to offer you our selection of the best patio heaters currently on the market. So you can find the one you need to warm up your atmosphere on the terrace or balcony.

What is a Heated Parasol?

The parasol heater is an auxiliary outdoor heater, designed to ensure a pleasant temperature over a large space all around it. It can be electric infrared or propane gas, to diffuse a very pleasant radiant heat at 360 degrees. Thanks to it, your outdoor spaces can be used much longer in the year, without having that unpleasant feeling of cold.

Happy Garden Stockholm: Gas heated parasol with protective cover

This heated parasol brings you all the heat you need to prolong your evenings until late at night. Terrace, patio, balcony, its flame delivers 13 kWatts of radiant heat to warm the atmosphere on surfaces up to 30 ². Its modern pyramid shape fits easily into your outdoor spaces, whatever the style of your garden equipment.

This outdoor heater is very easy to assemble, with clear instructions. The gas cylinder is cleverly concealed in the bottom of the patio heater. The use is just as practical with a quick electric ignition and an adjustable temperature. Designed in stainless steel, this gas parasol is resistant with ablack epoxy powder coated finish. The flame arrester is made of iron with a safety glass tube and an aluminum reflector. You can also protect it effectively with the black integral cover provided. Thus, neither bad weather nor dust will damage or dirty it.

Two castors on one side allow you to move your space heater in order to obtain an optimal positioning for the distribution of heat. You can choose to use butane, propane or LPG gas, however propane is recommended for its good performance and stability in cold weather. The average consumption is 945 g per hour. An anti-tipping system guarantees safety of use.

Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 225 cm, weight: 28 Kg.

We like

  • Modern style
  • High power
  • Hidden gas bottle

We don’t like

  • The wheels are really small, difficult to move once the bottle is inside.

Maxx Garden Smart Poorer: Gas patio heater with regulator and cover

This saving patio heater can be placed in the garden, conservatory or on the patio to raise the temperature. With 13,000 watts, the radiant heat is even and pleasant, touching you directly like the rays of the sun! From then on, you can stay outside for an aperitif and even dinner, which would be impossible without heating.

Only a few steps are necessary for the assembly and installation of this patio heater, the regulator being provided you just need to connect your propane gas bottle and insert it in the space provided for this purpose. Thepiezo ignition is done in one click and you can adjust the heat output as you wish. Operation is silent, with no fumes or odors. The wheels and the protective cover complete the device for a mobile outdoor heater and well protected in all seasons!

Dimensions: 218 x 81.3 x 44.5 cm, weight: 19 Kg

We like

  • Ready to use, regulator included
  • Good heat distribution
  • Mobile and compact

We like less

  • At maximum power, consumption is still high !

Tresko THSL-001: Indoor/outdoor electric heated parasol

With this electric heater, you gain in living comfort very simply! Just plug it in and start feeling comforting halogen heat, radiating in all directions. Usable indoors and outdoors, this heater is waterproof (IP34) and very resistant to corrosion. In other words, if you want to install it in your large bathroom to believe you are on the beach in full sun, it’s up to you! Its design is also contemporary, fine and elegant.

2 power levels are available: 1250 and 2500 watts, all while maintaining low energy consumption. The structure is made of stainless steel, very stable with its wide round foot and equipped with a protective grid to avoid burning yourself. When an abnormal angle is detected, the sensor instantly cuts off the power supply to pose no risk. It is a versatile heater that will provide you with many services in all seasons, its 1.5 m cable also offers a good connection area.

Dimensions: 190 x Ø 46 cm, weight: 15 Kg.

We like

  • Interior / exterior
  • elegant style
  • Comfortable 360-degree heat

We don’t like

  • It’s a proximity heater, 2500 watts may not be enough depending on the temperature and if you don’t have wind protection on your terrace.

Maxx Garden: Radiant heating on wheels

This heating parasol offers a sober and compact style, similar to a classic floor lamp, it can be installed on the terrace or balcony to effectively take over from the sun’s rays. It is both efficient and practical with an adjustable head that ensures optimal heat distribution where you need it most. The halogen lamp can be adjusted according to 3 powers: 650, 1300 or 2000 watts to suit all configurations, it adapts particularly well to balconies.

You can just as well use it indoors, on the veranda and in all rooms of the house in a safe way, like any other radiant heater. Indispensable for going outside, this auxiliary heater is waterproof and has an anti-tilt protection. Its use is simple and safe for the whole family, without noise or smell.

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Dimensions: 230 x Ø 43 cm

We like

  • High and takes up little space on the floor
  • Tilting head
  • 3 heat intensities

We like less

  • The wire is very short!

Maxx Garden: Heated parasol to suspend for garden gazebo or veranda

You don’t have a lot of surface on the ground and have a point of attachment in height? It’s perfect for integrating an outdoor heater right above you! With this hanging heating parasol, you will feel the heat directly, reflected back to you thanks to the dome’s reflector. It’s a personalized sun, day and night and without the harmful effects of UV rays! Available in 1500 and 2000 watts, this infrared lamp promises convivial evenings under the garden arbor or in the veranda, closer to nature but without fear of the cold! We can also consider installing this type of auxiliary heating in a garage or workshop, to tinker comfortably.

The carbon lamp heats up very quickly, without becoming an energy gulf, so it respects your wallet and the environment. It may rain and even snow, this waterproof and reliable will keep working! The solid grid prevents contact with the lamp while the cover protects the heating core from splashes. No assembly required, you just need to fix the device like a ceiling light thanks to its robust steel chain. The only prerogative is to read the instructions correctly in order to respect the minimum distances from the ceiling and surrounding objects. The lamp heats up, it must not come into contact with any materials or textiles whatsoever.

Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 28 cm, weight: 3.46 Kg.

We like

  • Space-saving ceiling light: heat & subdued light
  • Targeted heating, fast and very comfortable
  • Waterproof and safe, indoors / outdoors

We like less

There is no switch, you have to plug / unplug.

Greaden GF2RT4: Small electric table heater

Small and practical, this electric table heater will amaze you with its versatility and performance! Designed in aluminum and brushed stainless steel , it is lightweight and has a contemporary look that is very pleasing to the eye. With 3 power settings, i.e. 900, 1200 and 2100 watts, you can adapt the operation to warm the atmosphere in outdoor spaces of approximately 6 m². Its small size makes it convenient on a small housing estate terrace or on a building balcony, especially since gas systems are generally prohibited there.

Its large 50 cm cap evenly diffuses the heat produced by the halogen lamp. The operation is clean, silent and economical, you will also benefit from a soothing soft light. It will look great on a table for a romantic dinner, as well as in a professional setting, for meals on the terrace of a restaurant. This outdoor heater is IP44 certified waterproof and corrosion resistant. It can also be used indoors as a backup heater. Of course, the area covered will then be significantly larger, up to 20 m² at full power. An anti-tilt system ensures good stability of the base, whatever happens, a circuit breaker instantly stops the device at the slightest problem.

Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 32 cm, weight: 7.9 kg.

We like

  • Small size
  • Pleasant warmth with light
  • Modern style

We like less

  • For small surfaces, a table, no more.

Goplus: Bronze-colored iron gas heater

Here is an outdoor gas heater that does not pretend to heat with an adjustable power of 5000 to 13000 watts! Its reflective cover concentrates the heat to diffuse it widely to all the people around it. Itsignition is simple, with a single button and a second to adjust the heat output. This patio heater uses a 9 Kg propane bottle, hidden in its base. Its weight naturally avoids tipping and a hook for fixing to the ground is provided. However, if it should still wobble beyond 45 degrees, the safety would be activated by blocking the gas supply.

This propane patio heater is made of high quality iron with a powder coated bronze finish and a stainless steel burner. It will perfectly withstand bad weather for lasting outdoor use. Assembly easy is clear instructions for quick commissioning.

Dimensions: 220 x 82 x 50 cm, weight: 19.4 kg.

We like

  • Maximum thermal efficiency
  • Timeless look that matches all decorations
  • Easy settings

We like less

  • Neither protective cover nor regulator included.

Favex 8522096: Programmable

electric patio heater This electric patio heater will completely change your evenings, making them immediately warmer and more convivial! No more cold, place in the heat with 3 heating powers: 900, 1200 or 2100 watts. You will thus temper a surface ofapproximately 8 m² depending on the layout and the climatic conditions.

Very practical and quite rare on this type of device, a timer allows you to program a heating time of 30 to 60 minutes to optimize consumption and to be sure not to forget it. Equipped with a steel frame and an aluminum reflector, this resistant radiator will serve you daily without being damaged. It’s a real plus for living outside longer, enjoying the fresh air and sunny days. Always safe withextinguishing in the event of a fall !

Dimensions: 205 x 60 x 60 cm, weight: 15 Kg.

We like

  • Practical programming
  • 3 levels of adjustment
  • Sober and resistant
  • Indoor / Outdoor

We like less

  • It only has advantages!

Kesser KE12: Modern outdoor gas

heater Here is another style of gas-powered patio heater and in a cylindrical format. It offers 12.5 kW of power to propel a pleasant warmth around your terrace. Equipped with a piezoelectric ignition system , it is activated in a fraction of a second. A second button ensures the precise adjustment of the thermal production and the extinction of the system.

outdoor heater stainless steel and aluminum operates silently, without odors or fumes. You will never be disturbed even if you use it to take a nap in the garden lounger. The large reflective screen ensures a lateral diffusion of the heat rather than its dispersion in the airs, the thermal gain is immediate and lasts as long as the device works.

The tilt valve allows safe use of this powerful radiator. The ignition circuit can also be infinitely adjusted at the distributor. The modular foot accommodates the gas bottle while offering two practical handles and two large wheels to simplify movement. Note that the gas connection pipe and the pressure reducer are supplied.

Dimensions: 143 x Ø 55 cm, weight: 16 Kg.

We like

  • Modern style
  • Space-saving shape
  • Wide diffusion of heat

We like less

  • The structure is particularly thin, beware of shocks!

Blumfeldt HHG8-9200-hjkl: Outdoor infrared heater in retro style

giving your terrace a little vintage charm? Guaranteed effect with this infrared table heater and its antique lamp style fabric lampshade. It’s very simple, with its subdued light, you won’t even suspect that it is an extra heater, before perceiving the radiation. Placed on the table, this heating parasol allows you to enjoy a meal or an evening for a long time, without feeling the cold.

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Thecarbon infrared heating element develops 1500 watts on 3 levels to quickly heat a large space. Like the sun’s rays, this heat touches surfaces and people rather than the ambient air, which would be ineffective outside… Comfort is much higher. A small cord located along the foot provides theswitch, you just have to pull to turn on then pull again to turn off. With an IP44 protection index, this radiator is not afraid of splashing water.

Dimensions: 55 x 54 x 39 cm, weight: 6.4 kg.

We like

  • Elegant retro style
  • Compact
  • Comfortable infrared heat

We don’t like

  • The lampshade is imposing and can obstruct the view on a table.

Infrared Label: Top-of-the-range designer patio heater

During our research, we came across this highly designer model, full of finesse and elegant curves. It frankly changes style compared to all the others in addition to being very powerful. This gas parasol works with a bottle of butane or propane gas for an adjustable heat input between 6 and 10 kWh. With its optimal shape, ceramic burner and horizontal diffuser, you will cover up to 20 m², 4 m wide and 5 m deep, with comfortable radiant heat. The head being adjustable, you can better direct the radiator towards the guests.

Unlike most gas parasols, the diffusion isonly on one side, so you can place your device at the edge of the terrace. Thus, the circulation space remains free and the risk of shock is reduced. The same goes for the risk of burns, especially since the high position of the heat source is reassuring. Finally, its modular design offers easy assembly but also possible dismantling for sheltered storage. The wheels will also allow you to move it anywhere without struggling.

Dimensions: 216 cm, weight: 56 kg.

We love

  • Highly design!
  • Large heating surface
  • Can be placed on one side
  • Mobile and removable

We don’t like

  • its high price…

Planika Faro GO-FA-00: Gas garden heater with exposed flame

If you like the style of ethanol fireplaces, you should love this heater gas outdoor heater that reveals 360 degrees the sensual dance of flames on black pebbles ! Very decorative on the terrace, the anti-rust galvanized steel box offers a black finish refined tempered glass shield to prevent direct access. The ergonomic shape of the hat ensures even heat distribution while protecting against the elements. The thermal gain is felt up to 120 cm around (depending on weather conditions) contributing to your well-being and undeniably lengthening your evenings. Themaximum autonomy is 55 hours, enough to watch over a whole weekend!

The intuitive control panel allowsquick ignition (piezo on battery) and flame management, between 5.6 and 8 kW, in a single gesture. Thanks to its 4 wheels and the compartment for the gas cylinder (propane or LPG from 5 to 11 kg), you can install your outdoor fireplace where you want, as close as possible to your activities without getting in the way.of Brakes the gas fireplace with perfect stability! A tilt sensor and a thermocouple guarantee safety in the event of accidental tipping. Everything is provided: hose, regulator and protective cover to use and maintain your garden heater in the best possible way.

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 150 cm, 20 kg.

We like

  • The 360 ​​degree view of the flame
  • Very aesthetic
  • Well secured

We like less

  • The aesthetic prevails over calorific performance.

Patio heater

The Different Types of Patio Heaters

In the world of outdoor heaters, you will find two distinct models:

The electric patio heater

This is an electric heater which therefore needs to be connected to a power outlet. It produces heat using an infrared lamp and transmits it all around by radiation. It is a device that heats up very quickly and can generally be used both indoors and outdoors because it is not very imposing, quite light, completely clean, without fumes, it does not represent any particular danger (apart from burning or fire in the event of direct contact with the lamp, of course). Its power is often adjustable but it remains limited, it is a solution for small outdoor areas, less than 20 m².

The gas heating parasol

This is a much bulkier and heavier, nevertheless it is autonomous and does not need an electrical connection. It uses a propane or butane gas bottle connected by a regulator and a hose. The calorific production is substantial, gradually increasing and widely diffusing the heat in large spaces. As the gas can create odors and give off toxic fumes, its use is reserved for outdoors on sufficiently ventilated surfaces. A safety space of about 60 cm must be respected all around because of its high power, more than 10 kW depending on the model.

Parasol heater

How to choose the right Parasol heater?

Are you still hesitant and not sure how to choose your garden heater ? Let’s take a look at the few important criteria to find your ideal model! We mentioned the two types of patio heaters above, so we won’t go back over this factor, which alone represents a large part of the selection.

Patio Heater Size and Weight

You need to consider the size of your outdoor space so that your patio heater can fit properly without getting in the way. Except for table models, a minimum distance is essential to avoid getting burned, even more so if it is a gas heater that develops considerable power. In the smallest spaces, prefer electric models, some space heaters can even hang on the wall or ceiling. So look at the measurements of the device to assess its size. Also pay attention to the height of the radiator, some caps peak at more than 2 m while others do not exceed 1.50 m. The table heater is the approximate size of a large table lamp.

The weight of the patio heater goes hand in hand, if you have to move your patio heater regularly, it is better to choose a model not too heavy or at least equipped with practical wheels. Be careful however, the weight of the outdoor heater is also a guarantee of stability, for gas heaters it is generally the addition of the bottle that perfects the support on the ground.

The power of outdoor heating

This concept is more complex, especially since the feeling will differ enormously depending on the weather ! The wind, however light it may be, will immediately undermine heat production, even more than the noticeable drop in the thermometer. Thus, a 2000 watt electric infrared heater will be more than enough on a mild spring evening, where an 8 kW gas heater will struggle to warm up on a cool and windy evening in the middle of summer (thanks to climate change!).

One thing is certain, it is the gas heater that will offer you the greatest power (up to 13 kW) with the possibility of adjusting the intensity. It is more autonomous and can therefore move in large spaces. Electric heating is more suitable for protected surfaces : sheltered terrace, surrounded patio or gazebo with curtains. Their power rarely exceeds 2100 watts, you can of course multiply them but it is not always ideal since they must be plugged in and the electricity consumption would increase very quickly.

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To optimize the calorific flow, if possible, prefer large adjustable reflectors (head).you will be able to direct the heat rays directly towards you rather than letting them disperse in another direction, thus losing some of the production.

In order to get an idea, you can make a small calculation, knowing that for a heating parasol we speak of heating radius. Measure the radius to be heated by imagining a circle from the location of the exterior heater. For example 5 m, multiply by 1000 : you will need a patio heater of at least 5000 kW. Knowing that we estimate a loss of about 30% outside, you will therefore have to choose a higher power model to be well. This is only an average, some models will offer unilateral diffusion and the adjustable heads also allow better heat retention.

The material of the patio heater

The material of your equipment inevitably induces its resistance and also plays a role in its cost. For outdoor equipment subject to intense heat and bad weather, it is better to provide sturdy at the risk of seeing your patio heater deteriorate very quickly and become dangerous. This is even more true in humid regions where rust is devastating.

Metal, stainless steel and aluminum are listed here in order of quality, robustness and therefore price! Most of the best models are actually stainless steel and aluminum combined, depending on the parts of the device. Metal is more present on electric heaters because they are cheaper and easier to store for protection.

In general and whatever the material, systematically protect it with a cover for a heating parasol when you are not using it and if possible store it completely under cover in the middle of winter. In the most northern regions, take advantage of dry weather to remove your device so that it is well ventilated and evacuates the humidity which could stagnate under the cover. Track down the slightest point of rust and treat it immediately with a specific product adapted so that corrosion does not proliferate.

Parasol heater

Why Buy a Parasol heater?

The heating parasol allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces longer : terrace, balconies, patios… Whether in a private or professional setting, nothing is more unpleasant than being cold and going indoors is not always possible or even fun.

With an outdoor heater, you just have to activate it as soon as it gets cold and you can continue your activities, your aperitif, meal, evening… Everyone will feel good, receiving a little heat under a soft orange glow.. Gas or electric, small or large, of different shapes and powers, there is no shortage of models and you are bound to find an outdoor heater that meets your expectations and the configuration of your space.

How to Install a Patio Heater Properly?

In order to enjoy your patio heater without danger, you must ensure that it is properly installed, even more so if it is a gas model.

Place it on a flat, clear surface. In addition to being dangerous, any tilt could trigger the safety system of your patio heater, which would prevent it from working. Whatever its type, the heating parasol must not touch anything around it, the risk of fire is great! Installation directly on the grass is not recommended for the obvious lack of stability.

For gas models, the bottle must be correctly connected, stored in the compartment provided for this purpose and closed after each use. This type of auxiliary heating must never be used indoors andventilation must be sufficient. Otherwise, toxic gases could accumulate and inhaling them would be very dangerous. Thus, for indoor use, in the veranda (even open) or on a terrace that is mostly closed / landlocked, prefer an electric heating parasol.

the Vigilance is required presence of children or pets . Patio heaters can develop a lot of heat and burn, they must not be knocked or struck. With this family configuration, an outdoor wall or ceiling heater is preferable.

The best advice is to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions ! You know, that piece of paper that we hasten to put aside to discover our new equipment as quickly as possible… It so happens that all the information relating to the installation and use of the devices is precisely listed in this little booklet and many accidents could no doubt be avoided if we took care to read it conscientiously.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a heated parasol?

As we have said, the advantage of the patio heater is to be able to enjoy being outside even when it is a bit cool. In addition to this primary aspect, we will note some differences between a gas heating parasol and an electric model.

Gas heated parasol : It is autonomous and can move everywhere, including at the other end of the garden and in the absence of current if that sings to you! This auxiliary gas heater can offer very high power and is capable of heating large outdoor can However, not be used indoors or it would be very dangerous. Even outside, you have to be careful because if the fumes are no longer a problem, the risk of burns remains. The gas cylinder must be renewed regularly, which generates a significant cost and CO² emissions are frankly not good for the environment. The gas bottle makes this heater heavy and bulkier.

Electric heated parasol : This model of infrared heating is versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, provided it is always connected to an electrical outlet. The power is much lower than gas heaters, however its heat production is ecological and much less dangerous for the whole family. It can be free-standing, wall-mounted or suspended, which greatly facilitates installation in different configurations. The main disadvantage remains less intense heat, the device will probably work continuously and at maximum and you may even have to install two for larger surfaces. Considering the prices of electricity, pay attention to the bill if you use it a lot!

Can I Use A Patio Heater In An Enclosed Space / Indoor?

Yes, provided it is an electric heater and never a gas model! The latter presents a fire hazard and emits fumes that are very toxic to people. It is strictly forbidden indoors and it is neither more nor less, to use cinematographic language, than a matter of life or death!

Brasero Or Parasol Heater?

It’s not the same thing. The patio heater is an outdoor gas or electric heating system. The brazier is a fireplace that contains (and therefore secures) no more and no less than a wood fire as you could make in nature, on the beach…

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