Space heater: the 16 best models of 2022

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It’s an eternal restart, with each off-season, and in certain rooms of the house a feeling of freshness sets in. You then oscillate between putting on 3 sweaters to conserve energy or boosting the central heating at the risk of seeing the bills soar! It’s still inconceivable not to find a feeling of comfort and well-being at home, isn’t it? Especially when the solution exists…

The auxiliary heating is extremely effective in raising the interior temperature without spending all your Livret A on it! This is why we are interested in its different forms, its power and its functionalities. So you can easily choose from our selection of the best space heaters of the moment.

What is a Supplemental Heater?

The term “auxiliary heating” corresponds to a heating device that is used occasionally to heat a space. We talk about “back-up” because it is not enough to satisfy, in a stable and durable way, the thermal needs of a dwelling in the cold season. It is also not designed for this and generally does not have to operate continuously, it would not be profitable anyway.

The aim is to postpone the ignition or on the contrary to anticipate the extinction of the main heating to limit energy consumption. The space heater can also be used as a supplement in little used rooms or to increase the temperature where you are. Finally, an autonomous radiator can be a valuable help in the event of a power failure!

The space heater comes in different shapes and sizes. It is often mobile and portable, however an additional heater can also take a fixed in the room, wall or standing. The energy used is variable: electricity, oil, gas, ethanol… It can even be heating for the exterior.

Universal Innovations PR3375: Auxiliary gas heater imitation wood stove

Let’s start with an auxiliary heater that combines aesthetics and practicality! Beneath its decorative look of a wood stove hides in fact a gas stove in real cast iron. With a power of 3.4 kW, it works with a standard butane gas bottle of 13 kg for a maximum consumption of 245 g/h. This heater quickly heats a space of 90 m³, according to 2 heating levels and for an autonomy of 60 hours at full power.

Thanks to the piezo, ignition is very easy while the thermocouple safety, the CO2 and flame failure analysis system make the use of the device very safe. It is a mobile auxiliary heater with two rollers, you can push it wherever you need heat, as close as possible to your activities. In order not to detract from the style, the gas cylinder is entirely concealed inside. At the front, the real flames are visible through the glass door for a friendly and warm wood fire effect.even need an electrical outlet, it’s a completely self-contained gas stove system!

Dimensions: NC, weight: 42 Kg

We like

  • Quick heat supply
  • Very decorative
  • Mobile on wheels

We like less

  • Neither the regulator nor the pipe are provided for connecting the bottle to the stove.

Rowenta SO9260F0: Free-standing ceramic fan heater

A great classic as an auxiliary heater, this fan heater features a PTC ceramic heating element to provide gentler heat. Two power settings are available: 1800W for ultra-fast heating and 1000W for longer use. Note that cold ventilation is also possible. The thermostat is practical for automatic adjustment of operation on an optimal surface of 20 to 25 m².

This compact and portable heater is able to operate in frost protection mode to avoid any damage caused by excessive cold in your home while you are away. A washable filter guarantees the return of healthy air, free of irritating dust. Finally, this radiator is equipped with a double safety system that automatically cuts off the voltage in the event of overheating.

Dimensions: 20.5 x 28.5 x 15 cm, weight: 1 Kg

We like

  • Hot / Cold / Frost
  • thermostat
  • Compact and portable

We like less

  • Slightly noisy ventilation and settings beeps.

DYSON ‎AM09 303035-01: Design fan and auxiliary heater

Here we find a performance handset, powered by cutting-edge technologies and hidden in a refined modern envelope! This device from the famous Dyson brand offers 10 levels of adjustment with a maximum power of 2000W. Its Air Multiplier technology, Jet Focus and the70° oscillation optimize the diffusion of air in the space, widely and at long range, whether it is to heat or cool. You can thus obtain a comfortable atmosphere in rooms up to 50 m², in silence , guaranteed by the Quiet Mark label.

Controlling this space heater/fan is via a remote control which you should never look for since it is magnetic and stores right on the frame of the unit. The smart thermostat ensures the stability of the target temperature while the timer takes care of stopping everything at the desired time.

It is a model that contributes to the comfort of the whole family without any danger: no blades or heating elements within reach ! The temperature is also controlled so as not to burn the dust, which generates odors and pollutes the atmosphere. The circuit breaker automatic is activated at the slightest internal problem or failover.

Dimensions: 15.3 x 11.3 x 59.5 cm, weight: 2.7 kg.

We like

  • Very design
  • Performances ++ with adjustable airflow
  • Hot / Cold in silence

We like less

  • A substantial price…

Inverter 5728: Compact odorless kerosene stove of energy class A

Here is a kerosene stove performance, reliable and programmable with which you will be warm while saving energy. Its gasification combustion technology prevents clogging while maximizing power. This auxiliary heating is thus useful for raising the temperature of rooms of almost 50 m², it is difficult to do better!button Booster also ensures quick ignition for immediate comfort.

It is an electronic stove which must therefore be connected to a power outlet. You can then take advantage of functions and safeties such as the thermostat, 24-hour programming, energy saving mode but also the infrared CO2 detectorsafety anti-overheating and anti-tipping and child protection (tempered walls) . The temperature remains stable and pleasant in your room, without constraints or odors.litresAutonomy reaches 85 hours on a full tank of 7.2. Consumption _ fluctuates between 0.08 and 0.33 L/h, depending on the power setting and a beep warns you of the need to recharge.

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Dimensions: 44.2 x 33.4 x 42.6 cm, weight: 12 Kg

We like

  • Odorless
  • Great autonomy
  • Programmable and secure

We like less

  • Apart from a beep when starting up, this auxiliary heater is perfect in every way!

Achort: 12V 360 degree car heater and fan

It’s not just at home that you like being well! If you use the car a lot, you will appreciate this heater / fan which will adjust the temperature in the passenger compartment all year round.just Hot or cool blowing the way you want it, easier than with vehicle ventilation and without consuming more fuel! It will also be used ideally for the camper, the caravan or under the tent.

The use is simple with only two settings, hot and cold. In winter, this heater will help you avoid fogging and melting frost on the windshield. In summer, it ventilates and dissipates the unbreathable hot air in the vehicle. With the 90 degree rotatable handle and the 360 ​​degree rotatable non-slip base, the angle can be finely adjusted according to your desires. The manufacture is qualitative for a permanent use, it is a compact and easy to install with a double-sided adhesive and the cigarette lighter socket.

Dimensions: 11.2 x 5.1 x 12.2 cm, weight: 250 g.

We like

  • Nomad
  • Compact
  • Heats and ventilates

We like less

  • It’s a supplement for the car, you can’t expect exceptional power!

Pro Breeze: Nomadic oil

The -bath heater is an excellent heater with fluid inertia, providing gentle heat for limited energy consumption. This one develops a power of 2000 watts adjustable on 3 levels with a thermostat. Its chimney effect design accelerates air circulation while the 8 fins promote a rapid rise in temperature. Its use is ideal in small and medium-sized rooms, up to approximately 28 m².

With the programming system, you can set the temperature, on or off at your convenience via the 24-hour and on specific time slots. Its silent and safe operation allows you to use it even at night, in complete peace of mind. Protection against overheating and tipping systematically turns off the device.

Perched on 4 wheels, you can easily slide it from one room to another, especially since its sober and compact design fit into any room: living room, bedroom, office…

Dimensions: 47.5 x 26 x 67 cm, 13.4 Kg.

We like

  • Silent fluid inertia heating
  • Mobile on wheels
  • Programmable with timer

We like less

  • Heating remains slower than a blower or radiant heater.

Klarstein ACO12 Hot Spot Pebble: Hot/cold auxiliary radiator and towel dryer

This small all-round 2000 watt electric radiator can be placed or hung on the wall to warm up or cool the atmosphere. An extendable and swivel bar also allows you to hang a towel to dry it. The heating core is made of PTC ceramic, powerful and more energy efficient, it ensures a rapid rise in temperature to obtain a pleasant atmosphere.

The thermostat is adjustable between 10 and 49°C with the option of setting a timer up to 12 o’clock or setting operating time slots throughout the week. All this is controlled via theLED screen or via the remote control . This radiator takes place in the bathroom, thanks to its IP22 protection, as in all the other rooms of the house. It detects open windows so as not to over-consume and has an anti-overheating system.

Dimensions: 37 x 36 x 19 cm, 2.86 Kg.

We like

  • Compact and original round shape
  • Ceramic core for comfortable heat + fresh air
  • Timer and weekly programming

We don’t like

  • Loud beep when buttons are pressed.

KLARSTEIN Etna: Heated and decorative electric fireplace

If you like thefire atmosphere without having one, why not choose an auxiliary heater that creates this same cocooning atmosphere? Here, the trompe-l’oeil is perfect with this fake electric fireplace and its high-quality polystone cladding imitating a rustic decor in stone and wood. This structure hides a radiator with two intensities 900 or 1800 watts as well as an ultra-realistic flame effect.

You will regulate their flickering, their intensity, just like the power of the heating, with the remote control. If you want to be quiet, you just have to activate the weekly timer so that your auxiliary heater turns off or turns on by itself. On sunny days, you can continue to enjoy the play of light since the heating is completely independent.

Dimensions: 60 x 66 x 22 cm, weight: 26 Kg.

We like

  • Authentic decorative style
  • Weekly
  • heating

We like less

  • Not suitable for all interior styles

Purline Nyx Cristal: Tabletop ethanol fireplace

You don’t necessarily think of it at first glance, yet the ethanol fireplace saves you a few degrees in the room, without touching your radiators! On a table for a meal with friends, on a shelf for a TV evening or even outside at the beginning of summer, the ethanol fireplace warms up and perfects the atmosphere.

Compact and nomadic, it contains a 0.25 L stainless steel tank and the flame is protected by two tempered glass panes. You will supply it with bioethanol very simply to enjoy its beauty as well as its warmth!

Dimensions: 34 x 22 x 11 cm, weight: 2 kg.

We like

  • Small and decorative
  • Very pleasant proximity heat
  • Protected flame

We like less

  • The calorific intake is limited.

Kesser: mobile infrared heater for the outdoors

This outdoor heater instantly provides powerful heat with a soft and friendly orange light. Mounted on a very stable tripod, you can install it wherever you want and randomly direct its adjustable head equipped with a stainless steel protective grid. The heat covers an approximate area of ​​25 m² for private and professional use: terrace, poolside, camping…

auxiliary heater light, transportable and easy to install 3 powers are available: 800, 1600 and 2500 watts, which can be activated via the remote control. The set is waterproof with an IP34 and corrosion resistant, a 1.80 m long cable facilitates connection. A protective cover is provided, so your auxiliary heater remains well protected against dust and bad weather.

Dimensions: length of the strip 87 cm, height from 110 to 175 cm, open tripod width: 67 cm, weight: NC

We like

  • Transportable with
  • 3 power cover, waterproof and resistant
  • Heats and lights!

We like less

  • Outdoor use only, a bit cumbersome with the tripod.

Klarstein La Palma HTR10-4200-uzhk: Auxiliary heater 2 in 1 connected mirror

This radiant heater hidden in a mirror allows you to contemplate yourself while projecting gentle heat into the room, smart isn’t it? A small remote control ensures the basic settings, very simply with a thermostat and a weekly timer. If you prefer, it is also possible to control it with your smartphone since it is a connected model !

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For the bedroom or the entrance, it is the ideal auxiliary heater, space-saving and versatile ! It will even fit in the bathroom thanks to its IP24 protection. It can be installed on a stand or wall mounted. You can choose it in black, gold, white or silver and in power500, 750, 900 or 1000 watts.

Dimensions: 40 x 160 x 8 cm, weight: 18 kg.

We love

  • Mirror and radiator!
  • Connected
  • Programmable

We like less

  • We only find advantages!

Black & Decker BXWSH2000E: Wall fan heater

You’ll never be cold again with this wall heater that sends a warm blast when you need it most! Its PTC heating system with ceramic coating provides immediate heating on 1000 or 2000 Watts with an adjustable temperature between 10 and 49 °C. Note in passing the modern, chic and refined design which will fit without denoting in all interior decorations.

The weekly timer matches the operation of the heater to your lifestyle, turning it on and off as you wish, in anticipation of your return home or for a good bath. This heater is in fact equipped with an IPX2 index, so it can be installed in water rooms, with a minimum footprint.

addition to theLED screen, the remote control facilitates remote settings, especially if the radiator is installed high on the wall. A simple 12 hour timer can also be activated. Theautomatic oscillation distributes the air evenly in the room for a pleasant atmosphere everywhere, from floor to ceiling and in every corner! This fan heater also detects sudden drops in temperature so as not to over-consume.

Dimensions: 59.4 x 32 x 15 cm, 2.98 Kg.

We like

  • -saving contemporary design
  • Fast thermal gain
  • Programming and IPX2

We like less

  • Short cable and remote control battery not included.

Olimpia Splendid 99387 Stovy Infra Black: Infrared gas/LPG

This 4200W gas/LPG stove has infrared technology to quickly heat spaces up to 120 m³. Its heat, similar to the rays of the sun, does not disperse unnecessarily in the air but rather reaches surfaces, objects and people. Thus, the materials capture the heat input and restore it in turn, resulting in great comfort over time. Three power levels can be selected: 1400, 2800 and 4200 watts.

This auxiliary heater on wheels will satisfy all your uses wherever you are, in the house, in the garage or on the veranda. Its aesthetic is sober and the 15 Kg bottle is stored directly in the back. Designed and made in Italy, this stove meets high quality standards with a double safety system. The carbon dioxide sensor turns the device off if the threshold of 1.5% in the atmosphere is exceeded with an interruption of the gas supply.

Dimensions: 78 x 33 x 43 cm, weight: 11.86 kg. Available in black or grey, with or without ventilation.

We like

  • Great adjustable power
  • Device on wheels, easy to move
  • Security

We like less

  • No negative opinion on the performance of the products, only delivery problems are in question.

Noirot L1065FDAJ: Radiating and blowing towel dryer

Here is an auxiliary radiator which also allows you to dry clothes or warm your towel before showering. It offers a power of 600 watts to which are added 800 watts of blower. Two bars allow you to easily extend your textiles facing the heating to directly benefit from the rise in temperature. The radiant front provides quick, pleasant and even heat in the room with a “turbo” function

If you only have a little space for a towel dryer, this one should meet your expectations because it only measures 34 cm wide! In white or metallic grey, it develops a power of 600W combined with 800W of blower. Its two towel bars ensure easy hanging of your laundry which will dry quickly and stay warm.

The rise in temperature of the radiant facade is homogeneous and fast, ideal for the period of the bath or the shower. The “turbo” function activates maximum power and heat in the blink of an eye. Indeed, apart from that, the bathroom requires little or no heating depending on its size and its location in your house or apartment. The control box on the front is clearly visible and easy to access at all times. You will be able to program your preferences on 3 customizable ranges or use the 3 pre-recorded modes. Parental Lock will prevent children from touching any of this!

Finally, this towel dryer has a good track record: Certified of French origin, CE compliant, Class 2 IP24 and IK08 (shock resistance) and compatible with the Ecodesign directive.

Dimensions: 34 x 72 x 10 cm, weight: 7.5 kg.

We like

  • Compact format while being very practical
  • Efficient, homogeneous and fast heating.
  • Eco design, safety and resistance!

We like less

  • A slightly short electric wire.

Tristar KA-5061: Electric construction

This electric industrial heater allows you to heat in winter and cool in summer with a power of 3000 watts. It is equipped with 2 power settings : 1500 or 3000W and a ventilation function with an air flow of up to 305 m³ per hour. Its ceramic heart offers fast and even heating, perfect for tempering the garage, your construction site or accompanying you everywhere on the campsite or on the markets!

It heats nearly 34 m² or 85 m³ with an adjustable angle of 25 degrees. Its IP24 rating ensures good protection against splashes so that you can use it without danger. This auxiliary heater is also secured against overheating and its support allows a stable installation on all terrains.

Dimensions: 22.7 x 29.5 x 24.3 cm, weight: 3.6 kg.

We like

  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Hot / cold

We don’t like

  • it Not very aesthetic but it is basically not made to be in the house. However, nothing prevents you from using it there occasionally!

Tristar KA-5819: Auxiliary heater connected electric convector

Simple, efficient and practical, this standing convector will instantly increase your comfort in rooms of up to 20 m² ! Equipped with 3 powers: 750, 1250 or 2000W, its thermostat allows you to precisely adjust the desired temperature. Then, the device takes care of self-regulating its operation to guarantee stable heat as long as you need it. The configurable timer between 1 and 24 hours guarantees your peace of mind, no forgetting possible, the heater will only work for the desired time and then turn itself off.

The settings are made via the remote control and on the digital LCD screen, it will also display the ambient temperature in real time. But it doesn’t stop there! It is a connected radiator and therefore you will be able to control everything remotely, from your sofa or even while you are on the train, on your way home… TheTuya Smart app can be downloaded on both Android and IOS for extremely simple piloting.

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The black and white structure of this radiator is very elegant, its format is compact and stable on wide feet. Protected against overheating and equipped with an antifreeze mode, it is a perfect auxiliary heater to protect your installations and provide a pleasant atmosphere for the whole family. Its low weight and two side handles also make it easy to move where you need it most.

Dimensions: 60.5 x 21 x 37.5, weight: 3.12 Kg.

We like it

  • Connected
  • Compact and light
  • Elegant in black and white

We don’t like it

  • The association of the device with the app is sometimes capricious.

Auxiliary heating

The Different Types Of Auxiliary Heaters As

you have already seen, many types of heating appliances can be used as auxiliary heating. We have also granted specific articles to many of them:

Electric auxiliary heating

  • The convector : light inexpensive radiator, it quickly warms the atmosphere but has no inertia, tending to create zone effects cold and is quite energy-intensive.
  • The fan heater : compact and light, it moves easily. It propels warmed air far into the space, perfect for small areas. Today, this type of device is often a ceramic heater : the heating element is a resistance covered with ceramic, the air is softer, less drying than a conventional fan heater.
  • The radiant radiator : this radiant heating also provides rapid heat gain for a minimum of space. Its warmth is very pleasant, similar to the rays of the sun. It is a radiator that can be ultra flat and very stylish!
  • The false fireplace : it is both a decorative element and an auxiliary heater. The structure represents a trompe-l’oeil fireplace, with a luminous flame effect. It hides a fan heater to gain a few degrees and a lot of well-being!
  • The towel dryer : it is the emblematic auxiliary heating of the bathroom. Most of the time electric, it can also be water, connected to the central heating system. The heating methods differ: inertia, radiation, convection, with a blower, mixed… The towel dryer heats the bathroom and dries your laundry, with different formats and multiple functions.

Auxiliary gas heating

The stove has the advantage of being able to operate independently, ideal in the event of power cuts or simply to limit consumption. Often mounted on wheels, the stove can be easily installed anywhere, but it is quite bulky and unattractive. The technologies differ: catalysis, infrared, infrared, for indoors or outdoors… All use a standard 13 kg gas cylinder, sometimes adaptable with a 6 kg cube regulator.

Auxiliary heating with oil

  • The stove can be autonomous or connected to electricity, it all depends on its type: wick stove or electronic stove. The first is elementary and manual with a battery and a burning wick that must be changed regularly. The second is much more advanced and secure, it embeds protections and programming systems allowing great comfort and energy saving. Above all, it can be an odorless oil stove, much more pleasant to use on a daily basis!
  • The ethanol fireplace offers a very contemporary design whose appeal is above all decorative. The calorific contribution is however present, proportional to the size of the burner, the bioethanol fireplace is therefore used for auxiliary heating. Free-standing or wall-mounted, special attention must be paid to safety (not practical with children) and good ventilation of living spaces.

Supplementary heating with wood

The stovestovepellet and the be used as supplemental heating. Indeed, in the absence of specific installation and in large houses, the heat produced will not reach the most remote rooms. However, insofar as the stove is generally installed in the living room, it is he who will warm you up most of the time while the other spaces can occasionally use one of the models from our list!heater…


muchAuxiliary heating ?

The choice of an auxiliary heater depends above all on theuse you intend to make of it and on its destination room. Gas or kerosene stoves that completely do without electricity can serve you anywhere, with no wires lying around and even in the event of a power outage. To heat the additional rooms, which are not very busy, a small electric heater will prove more practical. Finally, if it is just a matter of gaining a few degrees in the living room, all models will be suitable. However, it will be necessary to take into account the constraints and possible dangers depending on the configuration of your home. Take care of the aesthetics because you will live with it all winter! In general, other criteria should be observed:

The operating cost of the auxiliary heating

The purpose of the auxiliary heating is certainly not to blow up the energy bill. You must therefore seriously consider the price of fuel, which will represent a budget throughout the heating period. Here is an average of current energy costs:

EnergyAverage price per kWh
Bottled gas$0.14

Energy rates for auxiliary heating


is more or less the same for all types of heaters, the power required is proportional to the space to be heated. Count on average 1000W for 10 m², or 100 W per square meter. Calculate as follows:

Length x width x 0.01 (kW)

Calculation of the power required for an auxiliary heating according to the surface of the room (m²)

In the bathroom, it is better to count a little more for rapid heating of this comfort space, approximately 1200 W for 10m². Conversely, if your home is very well insulated, 600 watts will be enough to properly heat a living room of 10m².

Be careful, if the ceiling height is particularly high (above 2.50 m), you will then have to take the volume into consideration. In this case, use the following operation:

Length x width x height x 0.04 (kW)

Calculation of the power required for an auxiliary heater according to the volume of the room

In the case of general-purpose use, in several rooms in the house, you will always take into consideration the largest space by preferring heater models with several power settings.

The safety of the auxiliary heater

The matter here is to be taken very seriously because certain auxiliary heaters are not without risks. Both oil and gas stoves and bioethanol fireplaces pose a risk ofcarbon monoxide poisoning. Even if the models are now more sophisticated and fitted with safety devices, it is essential to ventilate the spaces well, to take care that nothing touches it (curtains, objects, etc.), not to use this type of heating in a room. It will also be necessary to pay attention to children and animals because the walls can be very hot.

Electric heating is much safer for the whole family. It is generally accompanied by overheating protection, sometimes with anti-tipping safety (depending on model). In the bathroom, the space heater must necessarily be class 2 and at least IP21 to meet electrical standards and not be afraid of a small splash of water.

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