Spice Mill: How To Choose The Best Model In 2022

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If you’re used to using spices when cooking, you probably know that grinding them can be time-consuming and a bit complex. The acquisition of a spice mill, therefore, becomes essential. Not only does it efficiently grind your spices, but the job is done in a fraction of a second. We conducted research to determine how to choose the best spice grinder, based on criteria such as versatility, durability, and efficiency.

How To Choose Your Spice Mill?

Choisir son moulin à épices

To lead you to select the best shredder, there are a number of criteria that are essential to take into consideration. We tell you about it in this paragraph!

The type of grinder

On the market, there are manual spice grinders and electric models. These work automatically, in other words, do the work for you, in a few minutes, with excellent results. As for manual grinders, they remain a good option for people who want to grind their spices the traditional way. They have the advantage of being accessible to everyone and can be used everywhere.


Will your spice mill be dedicated to domestic or professional use? In the first case, you will need a tool of medium capacity and manual grinders, with their small chambers, are suitable for this criterion. In the second case, there is no doubt that you need a high-capacity automatic model.

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The blades

When buying, favor appliances with affiliated blades, made of stainless steel. They are of better quality, last longer and fulfill their role very well.


This criterion comes into focus if you plan to take your spice grinder everywhere with you. Manual models respond better to this characteristic, since they are much smaller, therefore, occupying little space when stored. They can be transported easily.

Ease of use

Whether automatic or manual, you should feel comfortable using your spice grinder. That’s why it’s worth investing in a device that has an intuitive design ‘s comfortable to use.


​​This criterion should be expected more from electric models. Within minutes, they can completely grind your spices. With a manual spice grinder, the grinding process takes longer. For example, spice grinders with high-speed motors are three times faster than the most efficient manual models on the market.


Although this device is intended for grinding whole spices, we note that several models take into account other ingredients such as coffee, nuts. When buying your spice grinder, do you ask yourself if you want to use it only for spices or if you are looking for a versatile kitchen tool capable of chopping, grinding several types of ingredients? Which will make you a two-in-one purchase.


Since you are going to be spending money to benefit from this product, it only makes sense that you ensure the quality of the materials used in its design. We advise you to opt for a spice grinder made of a durable, resistant and easy to maintain material. Stainless steel is a very good example, as it fulfills all of these conditions.

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What is a Spice Mill?

The spice grinder is this device used to grind spices, nuts, nuts, coffee beans. Freshly ground ingredients bring more flavor and aroma to your preparation than pre-ground spices. Much appreciated by people accustomed to adding spices to their dishes, it is a powerful, fast toolthat gives you certain advantages.

You control how much you need, so you don’t have to overindulge. And it is possible to recycle its food waste for another use thanks to this machine. Its use is not complicated as this video shows.

How much does a spice grinder cost?

The most sophisticated models, the best developed, can be offered up to 20 euros. A price that is justified given the quality of design and the features they have. 

Can You Grind Wet Ingredients In A Spice Mill?

Some spice grinders are not suitable for wet ingredients unless the brand specifies that they take this into account. If you feel like mashing wet ingredients, you can always turn to a food processor or blender.

How to clean your spice grinder?

Comment nettoyer son moulin à épices

After grinding your spices, put it in the dishwasher if the model meets this criteria. If not, you can rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. But if it is an automatic model, you should not submerge it entirely in water because of its electrical parts. 

Grind about 1/4 cup white rice. This is a trick that will capture any bits of spices left in the device and make the remaining oils disappear. Get rid of the rice dust then clean the inside of the machine with a slightly damp cloth. You will also see that some models have removable components. These can be detached from the spice grinder and washed separately after each use.

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What Are The Best Spice Mill Brands?

Peugeot is one of the brands that offers the best spice and pepper mills on the market. The devices are equipped with -art technology and are resistant to wear and tear. A world-renowned brand, VeoHome has also made a name for itself in the spice grinder market with its range of advanced kitchen utensils

Besides these two brands, we also have manufacturers like Tescoma, Gheart, Aigostar and KYG. We no longer present their articles which manage to position themselves in the top of sales.

Where To Buy A Quality Spice Grinder? 

Online, you can make your purchase on Amazon. The site offers a varied catalog of models that may meet your needs. Carrefour and Leroy Merlin are also platforms on which we offer many models that have all the assets to please you. 

What’s The Best Spice Grinder?

We are leaning towards the spice grinder, equipped with a powerful motor and a functional design. The machine effortlessly grinds whole spices, coffee beans, in record time. Characteristics that you will find on the models presented in this comparison.

With the spice grinder, you will be able to enjoy your spices in powder form without them losing their nutritional qualities. In addition to its usefulness in the kitchen, it can also be used at the table to complete the seasoning of your dish. Such a purchase can only serve you! 

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